Thursday, June 10, 2010

men are from mars and women are from Venus ? Really ?

-Incomplete article ,being written ideas are all scattered .

So many books and so many psychologists all talking about the basic difference between men and the women,about why their logics differ so much from each other.Some tried to explain by way of attitude but none could define the reason to exact reason.

Etymological explanations won't yield as the difference has been older than the language, etymology is meek when it comes to defining difference but its very good in defining the facts in translatable terms.

In order to understand the difference and its implications one has to fully understand the purpose of why's of the them.

The major purpose in their structure (physically) is mainly adoption for the best possible route to attain and complete reproduction in their own way.
The man travels far and wide to spread his seeds, fights to control the food, women and hence not only rules while in his life time but also when he is not there.

A woman on the other hand, makes sure that she is around a strong male and hence also makes sure that when she is completing her part of reproductive cycle she is protected well along with the offspring.

He goes out and around to live the reproductive cycle and she makes sure that whenever her egg is fertilized she bears it properly and hence the selection of secure male, either money wise or physically, as and how the definition of security is fulfilled.

Possessiveness - avoiding insecurity.
Polygamy - Promoting chances of reproduction the ultimate physical purpose in every living being.
Territorial approach - maintain stability in life style, keep threat at bay for both family and self.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sudhir's poem

पैदा होते ही मिल गया कई ख्वाइशो का तोहफा
जो खुद न बन पाया वोह मुझमे देखा होगा
कुछ ने मेरे होने को खुदा का करम बताया होगा
खानदान का चिराग बता मंदिर मैं दिया जलाया होगा
इस तरह से जो शुरू हूई मेरी ज़िन्दगी
की तुलना और समरूपता पे ख़तम हुई
पहला कदम जो मैं अनजाने से ज़मीन पे रखा
क्या पता था की अब यह रुकने का नाम न लेगा
अभी तक तो माँ की छाती से लिपट के सो भी न पाया था
की स्कूल के बस्ते ने मेरी पीठ पे लटक कर साथी बना लिया
अब तो खिलोनो की जगह कॉपी और किताबो ने ले ली
सपनों मैं मुझे परियों नहीं आसूं ने सुलाया होगा !
हर सुबह बसते की पीठ पर टांग स्कूल को निकलता
और शाम तलक अपनी किताबो से ही बाते करता
मेरी कॉपी -किताबे ही अब मेरे दोस्त होगये थे
कभी फाड़ कर उन्ही को जहाज उड़ाया करता!
मेरे माँ बाप की ख्वैशे अब बेमिशाल हो गई
घर मैं अब तो कई सारी डिगरिया सुमार हो गई
ख़तम पदाई होई तो लगा की अब कुछ तो सकूं आएगा
मगर यह क्या अब तो नौकरी की तलाश शुरू होगई
नौकरी और घर के बीच कुछ इस तरह ज़िन्दगी निकली
अब तो खुद से ही मुलाकात पुरानी होगई.
भूल ही चूका हूँ अपने आस्क की आहात को मैं
अब तो ज़िन्दगी भी जो थी अपनी बेगानी होगई

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hibiscus rosa .
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A pond admist the clouds

While flying to delhi from Lucknow, I saw the expanse of clounds like new cotton on the horizon and then I saw this depression in the cloud field.
Took out my Sony D300 and took this shot, its worked on a bit with picasa to highlight the shadows and warmify the color tone,
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Monday, November 09, 2009

After thoughts on Shree Mdbhaagwat Geeta

I was under one of those influences of mental ideas of the soul mate thing, when I found a website regarding yoga. I browsed it with half heart out of curiosity, as the good part was not there to be found :-P(kidding).

Though I have been into meditations since long but didn't have good idea about the yoga (coffee yoga) , and used to look down at it as I believed that the Raja yoga is the one which is best and is practically suited to person like me, when walking, talking, and gesture is part of evolution of the consciousness and not some session limited to 30 minutes or so.

Now I was browsing the site (tell you what! I liked what all was written there, some of the things were very impressive, but I am tough to come so...) when I landed on an electronic copy of SMB Geeta, I had read it once during 1993 and had forgotten most of it except one part where the lord talks about keeping faith and firm belief and about centering on the third center.
So I downloaded it to refresh the section I remembered so clearly.As soon as I started reading from 7th chapter onwards I realized its deeper than I thought so I started from page one and kept on going till end of it.

It was an enlightening experience, By the time I finished it I bowed to lord Krishna and saluted the great mind (?) and person(s) behind it, considering it dates back to as far as there is history.

Visit a village and the most smart of the human who are 100 years or so behind won't come to 0.001% of the intelligence and clarity exhibited in it ,let alone someone who is 3000 years behind, yet how come its so superior ?

Krishna did exist and so did Mahabharata , but the whole story behind origin of SMBG was something I cold never believe, as its being seen by someone and being written by some else (Vyas rishi) .But then there are things like para-sensing being documented now so I have to believe that it did happen.

No matter what, the words are eye opener and would definitely bring anyone home as it did to me.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get the real taste of NOW, and who wants to learn the secret of sacred living from the master of the masters.

Eternally grateful to the lord Krishna and very thankful to the people who made it available.Please click on the link below for Shree madBhagwat Gita.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Frustrated tax payers ---pay pay pay , don't expect.

-----A middle class tax payer's thought process --

When will my government treat me like human for gods sake? if I pay for service I receive it, If I pay my god-damn taxes I want it count. It's my money and noone provided any help in my education, my job and my upbringing . I never lived on ration food, Never went to public school, don't go to government hospital for fear of getting some other infection.I pay the road tax, pay electricity bill, pay water bill, pay house tax which I own , pay sale tax, pay service tax, pay education cess, pay tax for everything except breathing and yet have to pay income tax as if my income process is somehow supported by the government.And yet my life is in gods hands, police man will not teat me with respect though I pay for his salary, some other refer to me "Bloody civilian" while drinking subsidised wine brought from my earnings.If I am going to some urgent work i might be stopped for an hour becasue some representative of the public is passing and is having z class security. Oh yes I have a new budget coming lets hope there is something for me in there, after all I pay some good taxs, the government must atleast be as honest as a business or service provider and render. >>

With imputs from some frustrated tax payers. Borrowed article.

The milch cow story

A group of milch cows are entertaining in a hotel after a days hard work and some "Anal polyps" (Borrowed term) pop up and pump some armour piercing rounds in their bodies.
Poor ones ran here and there but no one came to help, they couldn't help themselves as the law had made provisions such, that in case of an attack like this, the milch cow couldn't help but die a sorry death.
Some were trapped inside the hotel for days. Animal farm media and news papers were abalaze with the story but then every one is busy chewing the fodder again, noone give a heed to the long gone Milch Cows ,for, there are plenty more to bank upon and collect the precious milk (Tax).
Every one in the Animal farm is important except the Milch cow breed, new taxes are planned based on how good the milch cow is making milk so that she can be milked more, new schemes are launched to cut her fodder a bit more, and surprisingly no grant, nothing comes to the poor milch cow, though it goes for industries, irrigation,fertilizers, and god knows what other things.
The Milch cow is step child, does the best to get the worst.
End of Milch cow story - Borrowed from a friend.